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Free Digital Fitness Assessment & Koko Test Drive

Now offering a FREE Fitness Assessment for anyone who comes into our club. Each Fitness Assessment includes information about your Body Composition, Lean Muscle Level, Heart Health and Strength.

Koko is a digital gym that uses technology and exercise science to cut through the fitness-world clutter and design solutions based on you.

Life really is too short to waste any more time on quick fixes that don’t work, or paying for gym memberships that you don’t use. Create a new life – a fitness life – that allows you to be who you really are.


Your free health & fitness assessment includes:

 Body composition

Lean muscle levels

 Heart health

Functional strength

Commit to be fit this year.

Fill out the form on the right to select a location near you and get started with your free assessment & consultation — no payment necessary.

* Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person