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At Koko FitClub, we reshape your body from the inside out, with a revolutionary way to build lean muscle levels, burn fat and drive your metabolism like never before. Koko FitClub is the first health club that uses technology to bring strength training, cardio exercise and nutrition planning together in one place, customized precisely to your body and goals. We call it Koko FitClub Smartraining. It’s fast, motivating and so effective…it’s patented. No gym scene. No fad diets. Just amazing results. But don't take our word for it...schedule a Complimentary Session at Koko and see it for yourself.

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Koko Cardio

  • Highly efficient interval training
  • Twice the calorie burn of traditional cardio - in just 15 minutes
  • Expert audio coaching every session

Koko Strength

  • Designed to build and protect your Lean Muscle Levels (LML)
  • Benefits of a 90-minute workout in just 30 minutes
  • Never the same workout twice - zero boredom

Koko Fuel

  • Online, proven personal nutrition planning
  • Designed to FUEL your Smartraining results
  • Complete meal plans customized to YOU and your goals
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It starts with our Koko FitCheck system that privately and precisely measures your lean muscle level each time you come in. Using your FitCheck results we create a custom Koko exercise program for strength and cardio and a nutrition plan to fuel you for the fastest results.

* Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person